Reason Why I Can No Longer Code Without a Blog


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Hey ๐Ÿ‘‹,

First of all, thanks for stopping by. This is an article that you were supposed to see two years ago and its main objective are YOU and ME.

I've been procrastinating from blogging with reasons after reasons:

  • I should focus on being an expert at something first before teaching others.
  • I should learn to write better English first so that people will like my blogs.
  • Maybe I'm better at coding than teaching people how to code.
  • I'm already working hard at work, I should spend time after work to rest.

And this list can go on and on...

So why I'm writing this now?

After two years of just coding full-time and doing something else after work, I started losing my interest in writing code!!!


I often see myself now writing code only to move Jira stories from Backlog to Closed and receive salary every fortnight. To be clear, I'm having a rewarding job and I love it. It's just that I've forgotten one very important thing.


I've forgotten the reason I fell in love with coding in the first place, it's the ability to change people's lives for the better, it's the ability to serve YOU.


I'm Raymond, a Vietnamese software developer in Melbourne Australia, and starting this year, I will be advocating for ... hmm ... something I don't know yet

BUT I will figure it out along the way by blogging, sharing what I learn in my journey so that YOU:

  • avoid suffering the same sh*t I have
  • can CTRL-C and CTRL-V snippets of code solve your problem
  • try some weird ideas to nail your goals faster
  • can get off your ass and seriously start chasing your dream

So "what exactly is this dude going to blog about?"

To start with, I will group my blogs into series:

  • Career Level-Up: In this series, you can find articles about coding practices, experiences/mistakes I made at work, soft skills,... These will be written with the purpose of assisting you to advance in your career.
  • Coding Level-Up: that's right...technical articles like How To Connect To Database Using CSS...
  • Other series: I will also share the development journeys of my side projects

I will strive for writing quality articles that are helpful and relevant to YOU.

Once again, thank you very much for clicking on this article and reading it all the way here.

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Bye for now ๐Ÿ‘‹